Saturday, October 24, 2009


So after many hours of sanding and sanding and then priming and sanding and priming and sanding and etc.. i finished my speedform!


these are a few of the many sketches i've done that i actually kinda like...


some more...

Rescue Vehicle

a few rough sketches for a rescue aircraft for the grand canyon

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Weekly quick drawing assignment for my studio class. everything has to be at least under 10 mins.

Viscom 1
Vizcom 1

Quick overlay

Old school Canson rendering I did for a gravity racer project


Now we are working on a speedform, it requires a ton of sanding and patience....

Transitional form for my model making class... I got a B+!

CCS fresh meat!

So this is my CCS first post!
Buick Y-job, the first concept car designed in the Argonaut building.

El dormitorio...

The morning view from the dorm.