Sunday, November 8, 2009

I like this one...

..... and that's it.... car design is pretty hard!
getting the proportions right, and the perspective, and then making a good design... thats all Clyde Foles (our teacher) talks about, oh and about his Acura TL, that too.

Model Making

Next are spaceships!
this is supposed to carry people around space colonies settled orbiting the earth... something like that...
the whole point is to make a nice and detailed model that looks good

Mini Trans class..

So these are some final sketches for our rescue vehicle, this one flies around the Grand Canyon when duty calls! there's even a small electric ATV in there! and the propellers are inspired by the new Air Multiplier fan by Dyson. Some relatively high clearance for landing and takeoff, and big windows for the pilot.

A couple of sketches from the gravity racer project
these are kind of quick projects for our mini-trans class

Viscom 1

Lots of renderings every week!

A couple more speed form pics